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 Radwaste and Decommissioning Center


Our Mission

RANDEC(Radwaste and Decommissioning Center) has been established as a research center foundation of decommissioning to inherit the technologies obtained in JPDR project(the first decommissioning research project of nuclear facilities in Japan) in 1989.

And investigation researches on disposal of low-level radioactive wastes(LLW) generated for research facilities has been added to our subject since 2001.

Now RANDEC is newborn as a public interest incorporated foundation to promote business of waste processing of LLW generated from research facilities, such as universities, laboratories and private companies since April, 2013.

Our main mission is to construct a waste processing business, which is to collect, storage and do waste treatments for disposal of LLW from research facilities mentioned above.

And we are continuously doing researches on decommissioning of nuclear facilities all over the world.

We are also engaged in environmental recovery of Fukushima prefecture in every way by providing our technical expertise.

We will achieve our mission under close mutual cooperation between government, JAEA(Japan Atomic Energy Agency, conductor of disposal of LLW from research facilities), JRIA(Japan Radioisotope Association, promoting treatment business from hospitals), and research facilities all over Japan.

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